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When choosing the Internet company you might be wondering: "what internet providers are best in my area?" We can help you find internet options available in your area. Internet access is crucial part of everyday life to stay in touch with friends and technology for personal or professional interest. When choosing the best high speed Internet providers, there are several aspects that you should take into consideration. You may get variety of Internet access services available in your area: DSL, Cable, Fiber optic, Wireless and Satellite. However first thing to make sure is what speed you’re getting. Whatever package you choose, download and upload speed should be enough for your Internet need.

We’ve great deals from best provider that can save you money. Side by side comparison of price, speed, email and features will help you choose the best plan.

Best 10 internet providers of 2023

  • Xfinity - Best cable internet provider
  • AT&T - Best dsl and fiber internet provider
  • Spectrum - Best for speeds and bundle options
  • Verizon - Best for fastest fiber-optic internet
  • CenturyLink - Best for availability and speed in rural areas
  • Cox - Best for cable internet speed options
  • Frontier - Best dsl and fiber internet provider
  • Optimum - Best for fiber-optic internet
  • Suddenlink - Best for availability and price
  • HughesNet – Best satellite internet provider

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Which Internet provider is best in my area?

AT&T Fiber Internet

Affordable high-speed internet

Verizon Fios Internet

Fastest fiber internet service

Xfinity Internet

Fastest cable internet speeds

Frontier Internet

Best for availability

When it comes to your internet service, getting the best fastest speed possible is the most desirable course of action. There are a number of reasons why you want faster speeds along with reliable service, low price, and plenty of options.

Why You Need Best Internet

There are a number of reasons why having best fast internet is right for you. However, the most important may be that the size of the files, websites, and video being downloaded is growing larger by the day. The larger the size of what you are trying to download, the longer it takes to get to your computer. While most websites have been streamlined for optimal viewing, video files can be quite large and take a considerable amount of time to fully reach your computer.

With more web content getting larger and streaming options relying on the speed of your internet, the faster the service provided the better experience you will have when on your computer or device.

Best Internet Options

There are a number of contenders vying for being the best internet service available. Each carrier has developed a strong reputation for providing good services, but which one is really best? One way to find out is by using the data from Netflix, a service where people download movies to their devices and speed is of the essence.

However, there are other ways of measuring the overall speed of internet service which have been around for years. Based on the findings so far, the following five companies offer internet services of considerable speed ranging from AT&T U-verse up to Google Fiber. However, each of the companies has other attributes as well.

AT&T U-verse

AT&T U-verse offers exceptional internet service for its customers. In some locations, AT&T provides internet fastest speed, thanks to their fiber-optic network that allows for download speeds that reach 1 Gig levels. This means that you can download a full-length HD movie in as little as 36 seconds. Currently, the service is not available to all AT&T U-verse customers, but there are plans to expand it to all areas of the country soon.

However, AT&T does offer good, low prices for their service which is perfect for those who are on a budget and do not download large files very often. If you are not into downloading movies on a regular basis and are on a tight budget, then AT&T U-verse is the right service for you.

Verizon FiOS

For pure speed, Verizon FiOS as proven to be right at the top thanks to its 300 Mbps with the top-rated plan. This is double the speed of its nearest competitor and even the upload rates are pretty amazing at 65 Mbps, although there is less demand for having the top speed in this particular category.

However, all that speed does come at a price which means that you’ll be paying more for the service as compared to most other carriers. You can purchase bundle deals from Verizon which lowers the price because it includes the TV and phone with the modem being free in the package. Still, it may be worth it if you love to download movies and have the computer capacity to match the speed of the service.


With Comcast, you will be looking for their XFINITY package that comes with speeds of just over 100 Mbps and a 20 Mbps upload speed. For most homes this should be more than enough as it provides you with the speed needed to do a quick download unless you have advanced computing devices that can handle greater speeds.

Plus, the prices offers by Comcast are more than reasonable, especially with the introductory rate over the first six months. Also, you can bundle the services together with your TV and phone. One drawback is that you will face higher than normal lease fees for the equipment which may counterbalance the savings from the faster internet service. Still, this is a remarkable service that offers you great internet speeds at reasonable prices.


Perhaps best known as the sponsor of the home stadium for the Seattle Seahawks, CenturyLink has also developed as one of the more noted internet carriers on the market as well thanks to being the fourth largest telecommunications company in the US. Perhaps the main attribute is the variety of connection speeds that are available. However, they are all rather expensive and not well suited for those on a budget.

Plus, CenturyLink does not provide internet on cable, but instead it is DSL and fiber. So, if you are in the 42 markets that offer speeds of up to 1 Gbps, then you should consider CenturyLink as a possible carrier. Otherwise, you will have to look elsewhere for good internet service.

Google Fiber

Arguably the fastest and most reliable internet service provider, Google Fiber offers you speeds of over 1 Gig per second. This means that you can download a full length feature film in less than two minutes. However, the service is only currently available to about 120,000 customers. In 2015, Google Fiber launched in Kansas City and the service has expanded across the US into major cities such as Salt Lake City, San Antonio, and Atlanta.

While still expanding, Google Fiber is considered far and away the fasted currently available. Pricing is certainly higher for this service, but that may change as it goes nationwide. For those who live in the areas of the country where Google Fiber is available, you may want to check it out.

Which Internet service is best for you?

Being the fastest does not necessarily mean that it is best for your needs. In fact, you will want to check out all five internet services before making your final decision. What can be said is that if you have access to Google Fiber and want to download movies quickly, then it may be your best choice depending on your budget and other needs.

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